Welcome to my portfolio, my name is Nerio Perez and I'm a logo designer.

Contact me: a2nerio.pe@gmail.com

I can give you a custom, unique and attractive design for your business or project, this is very important for you to stand out your brand and/or corporate image. Here you will be able to see a sample of my work and style:

























As you can see I use a simple style with one or two colors, sometimes I use three or four colors depending on the project but this doesn't always happen.

A simple logo is hard to forget and easy to remember so I think that a simple style can be good election to showcase the corporate image to public with very positive results.


How it work?

Send me a message to a2nerio.pe@gmail.com with your idea or project, style that you would like and any other relevant information. I will reply to you ASAP and give you the price of your logo.

If you are interested in starting the design process, you must pay 50% of the total price and once the logo is finished you would pay the rest to obtain the final design in all formats.

I have a logo and I want another with the same style but more modern and fresh. Could you do it?

Yes, I can redesign your old logo and give it a new look.

How long does it take to get the initial proposals?

1 - 3 days.

If your proposals don't like me what can I do?

You can ask me for modifications until you get the final design.

How much money will my logo cost?

Each logo is unique and the price changes according to the project. Once you message me with your idea or project, I will give you a personalized fee although the initial price start at US$160.

What payment method do you use?


Once the logo is finished what will I get?

You will get the final design in the following formats:

.jpg, .png, and .pdf (preview)

.ai and .eps (source file)